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 Citizenship Project

All students in Year Six are to participate in a Citizenship Award Project. The information about the Citizenship Project is in this Citizenship Project Document link. Printing of the goals and marking rubric have been printed off for each student to complete. The balance of the document provides information on project ideas, timeline and work samples. The student can either submit their documents digitally or in print.

At the end of Term Three, the Principal and Administration team will choose the top three projects to be forwarded to the Darling Range Learning Community, for final interview and selection for the Citizenship Awards. 

The Citizenship Portfolio underpins the Citizenship Project and is to be completed by Thursday, Week 9 of Term Three, by all students, as part of the Year 6 curriculum. To assist you with the completion of the Portfolio, here is a link to a PowerPoint, which gives more detail to support the project criteria.  Don't forget to gather pictures, letters and certificates to support your Portfolio. The more evidence, the better!

“You are a citizen, and citizenship carries responsibilities.”
― Paul Collier, The Bottom Billion: Why the Poorest Countries Are Failing and What Can Be Done About It


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