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Wow, I cannot believe Semester One is coming to an end! It has been a busy and exciting semester at Wattle Grove Primary School. Homework for the Holiday: . 1. Students are to continue to work on their Citizenship Project . Remember this project is to be completed by the end of Term 3.  2. Play a board game/card game with a family member and take a selfie as evidence. This photo can be added into the comments at the bottom of the page.   3. Do three kind things for someone outside of your family . Whether it is holding the door for someone, helping an elderly person carry their shopping to their car or safely picking up rubbish in your neighbourhood. The options are endless.  Record the three kind things you have done in your School Diary.  4. Complete Numeracy Problem Solving Sheet ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Optional work to aid in being the best student you can be: 1. Book