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Term 1 Week 7 Written by Ethan This term we are learning some amazing things in Year 6! Here are a few of the many wonderful things we are studying: English: We are learning about prefixes, suffixes and etymology. Maths: Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions as well as algebra.     History: We are learning about the Fathers of Federation, Australia as a Nation and the Manga Carta. Music: We are reciting Tika-Tis and Ti-Tikas on Thursday afternoons. Sport: We are learning about and practising basketball on Thursdays. Library: On Tuesdays (even weeks), we are learning about Greek and Roman Gods. Did you know that the Ancient Romans believed in Gods, and there was usually a God for everything in their life? Written by Alek Hi everyone In Room 17, we are playing basketball. It's my opinion that basketball is very fun and healthy. Lately we have been playing games but Lizzie (the main coach) said at the end of the term we are going to play a