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Welcome back to Term 2.  I hope that everyone had a fantastic holiday! We are getting straight back into things. Notes for Term 2: - Students should be working on their Citizenship Project regularly. This project must be completed outside of school time. Everything you need to know about the project in on the Citizenship Portfolio Page.  - Students should have already completed their goals and should be beginning their project this Term and they are to have their project completed by Term 3.  - Please help your child develop sound study habits by having them do homework regularly, whether it is Reading, StudyLadder, Prodigy or touch-typing. This will assist in their future schooling, as secondary and tertiary schools require self-motivation and independent learning.  - Although I have posted the homework for the week in advance that does not mean that there is not going to be additional homework throughout the week.  - It is really important that the students take respon

ANZAC Day Wreaths

Another wonderful day with our Year 2 buddies! We made wreaths with poppies on them, to commemorate the Australians that gave their lives for their beliefs and their country; the ANZAC Spirit. 

Harmony Day

We had an amazing Harmony Day Parade at Wattle Grove Primary School. Everyone looked fantastic in their cultural attire! Room 17, especially, had an outstanding time preparing our flags with our Year 2 Buddies from Room 28 and then guiding our buddies during the parade. We could not have asked for a better day to celebrate the cultural heritage of Room 17 and Room 28. Thank you, Miss Ahern and Room 28!
Our Amazing Assembly!  The students were fantastic for our assembly this term.  I could not be more proud!  They really took a great interest and commitment to their performances and in the messages that we were conveying. Mindfulness and resilience are important messages for all students and especially Year 6's, as they begin their transition to high school next year. With the pressure to perform on assessments and to complete all the tasks that they are presented with, it is important for students and people in general, to take the time to breathe and to know that one mistake and one bad mark is not going to define them as a person. What defines a person is how they bounce back from life's challenges. Mrs Lowther and I have a great group of Year 6's, I would say the greatest group of students, but I may be a bit biased. :)