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As Term 3 comes to a crashing end we are going to hit the ground running in Term 4 so rest up! Citizenship Portfolios are due! If they have not been completed, they are to be turned in the first week of Term 4.   Homework over the holidays: 1. Have fun outside with your family or friends. Take a photo of an activity that you have done and bring it in. We will post it on our School Holiday wall! 2. Research Binary Code. What is it? Why do we use it? Why do we have to know about it? Write a word using binary and bring it in.  3. Keep practising Fractions - Decimals - Percentages. Calculate the discounted price of an item the next time you are at the shops. Print the worksheets or copy the questions down on a piece of paper and then answer them.  Enjoy your holidays! Term 4 Week 2: School  FĂȘte  - students are only to bring up to $7 to the school  FĂȘte Week 4: Year 6 Camp* *You can start paying for camp