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STEM - Electricity - MakeyMakey

Room 17 had a fabulous time with the Makey Makeys and discovering the differences between conductors and insulators.  Make sure you ask your student about what they did and what an example of a conductor/insulator is. Here are some photos from our journey: (My apologies for some of the blurry photos. Turns out I'm not as skilled Mr Meachem when taking photos with an iPad.)
Whoa! Just like Semester 1, the Holiday flew by and we are already in Week 3! As every term is, Term 3 will be full of exciting events! Make sure you are checking the Wattle Grove Primary School  website regularly so you do not miss anything.  We had a very exciting afternoon on Friday, 2 August. The students were able to experiment with the Edison Robots in class. We had a few upsets along the way, as technology does not always obey, but the students persevered. As the term progresses we hope to be able to experiment with more robotics and coding. We will be investigating circuits and electricity by using MakeyMakeys next week.  P.S. Parents, could you please make sure that your child has whiteboard markers?